Personal Learning Environment/Network

A PLN/PLE is taking the use of your pre-existing learning strategies and expanding them. It would seem that any ordinary person would logically just use their brain to store and retrieve knowledge, but it would also hinder them do to the massive and ever growing world of technology. PLN/PLE’s allow people to learn, work, and increase social experiences far greater than with just the brain alone. Now that there are dozens of social networking websites, tools, and documentation software : the value of one’s PLN/PLE is immeasurable.

I believe my personal learning network is fairly underdeveloped as an aspiring web design artist. I believe, however, that the use of tools such as this wordpress blog will give me the knowledge and skills I need to further myself as both an artist and an individual.–pln


3 thoughts on “Personal Learning Environment/Network

  1. I found your first link to be very informative, especially the directory of web 2.0 tools. I have never heard of Nings! The RSS reader video was amusing to watch and quite insightful. Great find, thanks for sharing!

    Like you, I feel that my personal learning network is somewhat underdeveloped. I look forward to expanding it from a web designer perspective and learning about new tools.

  2. The growing world of technology is an exciting time and it’s changed the way we interconnect and share information. I agree that the more we develop this valuable resource the better off we will be in our personal lives and careers.

  3. I believe that it will be a great resource for our job field so we can discuss with other people what the best tools to accomplish a task would be. Sometimes people that have found that some tools are useless for a particular task or less effective then others can recommend the best source.

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